Humane food…it’s Delish!

Get back to basics and down on the farm…

If you’ve always wondered what happens on farms approved by the RSPCA, here’s your chance to get a closer look!

We’re really excited to have 2 RSPCA Approved farms feature on Delish, 7TWO’s new cooking program which airs tonight at 7pm – so make sure you tune in!

We know a growing number of people are wanting to know more information about where their food comes from – and tonight’s show heads to an RSPCA Approved piggery, owned by Otway Pork in country Victoria and a layer hen farm, owned by the Rohde family in the beautiful Clare Valley, South Australia.

These are fantastic farms and the RSPCA is very proud of our long-standing relationship with these progressive farmers!  Tonight you’ll see happy and content animals that are free to do all the things that come naturally to them. Sows are wallowing in mud, piglets are playing in fresh straw and hens are enjoying a great dust bath and stretching their wings.

Former Masterchef contestant, Julia Jenkins cooks up some pretty scrummy recipes too.

Remember Choose Wisely when you’re dining out and buy RSPCA Approved when shopping at the supermarket – and tonight’s show will inspire you to keep it up!

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