Humane food – don’t forget to ask for it!

Having more RSPCA Approved food options available on the supermarket shelf comes down to the basic principles of supply and demand: the more consumers ask for it, the more likely supermarkets will stock it.

The RSPCA’s latest advertising activity “How do you like yours” tells people to look for RSPCA Approved eggs and pork on the supermarket shelf.  RSPCA Approved food has taken the guesswork out of buying higher welfare eggs and pork. If it’s RSPCA Approved eggs and pork then it’s OK!

To make things easier, our Shop Humane Food Finder can point you to your nearest stockist of RSPCA Approved food. If you can’t find one nearby, make sure you ask your local supermarket to stock RSPCA Approved products or tell us where you live and we’ll follow-up with the supermarkets  in your suburb.

Consumer demand can have a direct impact on supply and as well as creating more choice and availability, a greater volume of higher welfare food in the supermarket means prices are also likely to fall – making higher welfare food a more accessible and affordable option for all Australian grocery buyers.

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