Happy as a pig … on stage

Pigs are highly intelligent and inquisitive, often rated 4th as the most intelligent animal, behind primates, dolphins and elephants, but did you know they’re also musically talented and fine country singers?

Pigs can play the fiddle you say?

That’s right, THE PIGS – the band that is, recently shared their musical talent with the RSPCA, lending their country charm to record the RSPCA’s latest radio campaign ‘How do you like yours’?

In between their recent tour of Germany and Denmark and their upcoming gig supporting the legendary Cold Chisel at the Deniliquin Ute Muster, The Pigs have been strumming a tune to support the RSPCA.

The new jingles promote RSPCA Approved pork and eggs that are farmed to the RSPCA’s farming standards.  The RSPCA believes all Australians can make a difference to the lives of farm animals by simply purchasing humane, RSPCA Approved products. And the band The Pigs believe this too!

The Pigs, brothers, T-Bone & Stretch Pig, cousin Billy-Bob Pig and Par on double bass performed a classic radio promo, a glorious blend of bluegrass country. It’s a catchy little tune that the RSPCA launched on radio in August.

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