Good news for ethical shoppers

You might have heard the good news – 2013 looks set to be a happier new year for the higher welfare food movement with Coles supermarkets fast-tracking their plans to introduce fresh pork and smallgoods that aren’t sourced from sows confined to sow stalls.

Coles will also stop selling their own brand of cage eggs in 2013 – and only source barn-laid and free-range eggs to sell under their own label.

It’s important we celebrate these wins for animal welfare! This is good news for pigs and hens but also a win for consumers wanting to support higher welfare products.

The wheels of legislative change turn far too slowly for animal welfare and ultimately farmers, retailers and consumers are the drivers of change to improve the welfare of Australia’s farm animals.

Coles have been providing customers access to RSPCA Approved eggs, pork, chicken and turkey for some time – through their own branded products as well as other brands, including the first RSPCA Approved Salami on the market – produced by Australian smallgoods manufacturer Tibaldi.

The salami is available in Coles stores nationally, as well as selected IGA’s, Foodworks and other independent supermarkets such as Maxi Foods in Victoria.  There’s hot and mild flavours in 200g rolled portions – and if you cant find it on the shelf – be sure to ask for it!

Humane food supporters are always asking us where they can buy RSPCA Approved smallgoods and I can say as an experienced ‘taste tester’ of RSPCA Approved foods this is a great product!

I was so excited when this product hit the shelves – finally there’s a salami available nationally that’s sourced from humanely farmed pigs. I recently met with one of the farmers that supplies this product – it’s always great to chat with farmers that are dedicating their lives to farming pigs humanely and wanting to supply the market with an RSPCA Approved product. I included the Hot Calabrese on a pizza last night – it’s a lean salami and was perfectly crispy, with just the right amount of punch.

Tibaldi’s range of free range Salami is proudly sourced from RSPCA Approved farms which meet the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standards – ensuring good welfare for pigs. Farms that supply these products are assessed at least twice per year by RSPCA Assessors.

On these farms, sows live outside in paddocks with ample shelter, water and mud wallows which they love.

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