Freedom Farms – the Latest RSPCA Approved Chicken to Hit the Shelves

We’re very proud to announce the latest RSPCA Approved chicken, Freedom Farms has hit supermarket shelves in selected IGA’s, Harris Farm Markets, and Supabarn stores.

The RSPCA Paw of Approval can be found on Freedom Farms Chicken, which means this chicken comes from animals that were treated according to animal welfare standards developed and assessed by the RSPCA.

Approved Farming is the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food labelling scheme dedicated to improving the welfare of farm animals. RSPCA Approved farms are monitored closely to ensure the RSPCA’s high animal welfare standards are maintained and animals on these farms are provided with an environment that meets their behavioural and physical needs.  The auditing process is robust and farms that supply Freedom Farms Chicken will be assessed by the Scheme’s dedicated farm assessors at least 4 times over the coming year.

So now it’s easy to make a difference to the lives of farm animals next time you’re shopping – simply purchase RSPCA Approved, Freedom Farms chicken at your local independent retailer.  By purchasing these products you are not only helping animals, you are also supporting Australian farmers that are choosing to farm to higher welfare standards. So that’s good news for farm animals and for Australian farmers.

The range includes breasts, drumsticks, whole birds, thighs and wings.  Stockists can be found by visiting the RSPCA Approved website and remember if you can’t find Freedom Farms chicken at your local, independent retailer – please encourage them to stock it.

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