Do you know a Good Egg?

While you’re enjoying chocolate eggs this Easter, think about businesses that deserve to be recognised as a Good Egg.

The RSPCA Good Egg Awards celebrate companies that are showing leadership by sourcing or switching to cage-free eggs (barn or free-range eggs).

Medium to large scale organisations operating in Australia in the food service, hospitality or manufacturing are eligible.

So, if you know a business that qualifies and is sourcing cage-free whole eggs or egg product let us know and they could be the next recipient of the Good Egg Award.

The RSPCA Good Egg Awards are an opportunity for businesses to make a positive impact on animal welfare and help set the standard for others. The 2010 Good Egg Award recipients were Snowy Mountains Cookies and Pudding Lane.

The Good Egg Awards were developed by Compassion in World Farming to recognise the commitment of European companies that are setting free millions of hens.

To date, Good Egg Award winners have released over 20 million hens from cages every year due to their cage-free egg policies or commitments to stop sourcing their eggs from cage systems. In Europe and the UK, some of the winners include: McDonald’s, Google, Hellmann’s, Starbucks Coffee, Subway and Sainsbury’s.

The RSPCA encourages businesses in Australia to make this same switch.

You too can be a Good Egg by buying cage-free eggs.  Just remember to check that the eggs you buy are certified by an independent body, like the RSPCA.

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