Creature Comforts on the Rohde’s Family Farm

We’re really proud of the good things happening on RSPCA Approved farms – and great farmers are leading the way!

Meet John and Ange from Rohde’s Free Range Eggs in South Australia’s Clare Valley.

The Rohde’s were early adopters of the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standards, and this year marks their 10 year anniversary as part of the Scheme. To celebrate we wanted to share with you a glimpse of everyday life on the Rohde’s family farm.

Hens on Rohde’s farms can do the things they like to naturally do, such as dust bathing, perching and laying their eggs in a nest.

Hats off to Rohde’s who are leading the way for animal welfare and giving their hens the creature comforts they deserve!

We hope you enjoy this video and share it to spread the word – comfort food comes from comfy hens!

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