CHOICE backs RSPCA Approved

The RSPCA Paw of Approval recently received a big thumbs up from consumer watchdog CHOICE.

We were stoked with the recommendation from the country’s leading consumer group – it really gives people the extra guarantee they’re looking for in the supermarket.

This was all part of their review of food labelling schemes. A CHOICE panel, comprising food and sustainability experts, scrutinised the claims behind 10 of Australia’s most recognised health and sustainability logos, including RSPCA Approved Farming.

We already know people are pretty baffled by food labels, in fact one third of us don’t trust them at all. We’re bombarded in the supermarket by products claiming to be healthier, cheaper, more environmentally friendly or better for animal welfare. But how do you sort through clever marketing to be sure that products are what they say they are?

With the RSPCA Paw of Approval we want to take the guess-work away for consumers who are looking for higher welfare products. If you buy eggs or pork stamped with our logo you can be sure we’ve done all the necessary checks and balances to ensure the animals farmed under our scheme have been treated humanely.

We knew we were onto a winner with RSPCA Approved, but it’s great to get this extra assurance from CHOICE!

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