2011 – a year for humane resolutions

Tired of setting a New Year’s resolution and come December you’re taking a crash course in Spanish…Hola!

We’ve all been there – vowing to learn a new language, ‘refining’ our finances (aka sticking to a budget), cutting back on plonk and joining a gym – only to take a spin class twice a year.

Here’s an idea.

Stick to a new year’s resolution that’s achievable, will make you feel warm and fuzzy and best of all, will make a direct impact on the lives of thousands of farm production animals.

It’s simple, BUY HUMANE FOOD when you’re shopping.

Humane food is food that is animal welfare friendly. Standards on humane or higher welfare farms are higher than those in conventional systems and those required by law. Their environment provides for the animal’s behavioural and physiological needs. It means that from the paddock to the plate, animals have been treated humanely and with full consideration of their needs as living, feeling creatures.

It’s all about supply and demand. The more people that purchase humanely produced food when shopping will result in more farmers improving their production systems and more humane food options available at the supermarket.

So make a new year’s resolution and vote for animal welfare with your wallet, remember;

+ Retailers will sell what customers demand, so ask your local store to stock humane food.

+ Buy RSPCA Approved products. There’s RSPCA Approved eggs, pork and chicken and turkey with more products and stockists coming on board.

+ If you can’t find RSPCA Approved products, ask your retailer to stock them.

+ If you’re unhappy with the products available at your food retailer, shop around and find a store with more humane options.

+ Spread the word and tell your friends and family to purchase humane food.

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