Meet the people and farms behind Coles Free Range Pork

Through the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme’s Good Food short video series we want to share the amazing work farmers and brands are doing to bring humanely farmed products to Australian customers. As part of this series we went on farm with the farmers raising free range pork for Australia’s only national range of RSPCA Approved pork, Coles Free Range Pork.

Since 2010 Coles has proudly sourced RSPCA Approved pork for its own brand of free range pork products. The handpicked group of dedicated Western Australian farmers are working hard to ensure they maximise animal welfare on their farms. For their pigs, this means space to move, explore, play and socialise as well as an environment rich in comforts. Sows (the mother pigs) have access to paddocks, mud wallows and their own straw-filled huts to nest and care for their piglets. Growing pigs run around in large straw-filled sheds with access to the outdoors. And importantly, piglets don’t have their teeth clipped or tails docked – which is lucky because their tails are wagging constantly!

In these videos you’ll hear from the RSPCA, Milne Agrigroup and Coles about their efforts to raise the welfare standards in Australian pig farming, what this means for pigs on farm and what this means for Australian grocery buyers. Enjoy!


    • Thanks for your comment Christine – Here at the RSPCA, we work to improve how farm animals are treated by getting involved in the process and constantly pushing for higher production standards. We respect the choices of people who don’t eat meat or other animal products, we also respect people who do – and encourage them to seek higher welfare products.

  1. I don’t see any testicles on the pigs are they still cut off without any pain relief. I agree with Christine there is no humane meat as long as they are slaughtered in gas chambers where it takes up to 10 minutes to die !!!!!!

    • Thanks for your comment Jan – on RSPCA Approved farms physical or surgical castration is not permitted. If you haven’t already you might also be interested in the standards specific to stunning prior to slaughter (page 21).

  2. I thought RSPCA look out for the animals.
    This is not looking out for them, what a relisation for me.
    False advertising of what they do.

    • Hi Kanga, thanks for your comment.

      In Australia the vast majority of halal meat products have come from animals that have been stunned. If chicken is also RSPCA Approved it means they have in addition met the specific requirements set out in the RSPCA Standard for meat chickens. The Standard covers the transportation, handling, stunning and slaughter of meat chickens. RSPCA Assessors conduct yearly assessments at abattoirs, where chickens from RSPCA Approved farms are sent for slaughter, to ensure they are meeting these requirements. Included in the standard is the requirement for CCTV in any areas where live birds are handled at abattoirs.

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