3 super easy things that you can do this World Farm Animal Day to make life better for farm animals

Dining out RSPCA Approved / 2nd Oct 2017

Today is World Farm Animal Day and to celebrate all things farm animal we’re asking Australians to do these 3 super easy things to help make life better for farm animals – we promise they actually will make a difference!

1. Join our movement to free hens from battery cages by adding your name
We know that we’ve been asking you to support an end to battery cages for a long time (more than 20 years in fact!) but we’re nearing a crucial time in the Government’s decision making process and we need your support right now. More than 2 out of 3 Australian hens are confined to barren battery cages – these hens have a miserable existence. Soon the Government is going to ask the Australian public for their opinion about how we should house commercial layer hens and these decisions are likely to affect millions of individual birds for at least the next 15 years! Add your name to free hens from battery cages today.

2. Choose humanely farmed products with RSPCA Approved
Supporting humane food when shopping and eating out is a really simple way for everyday Australians to create real change. The more demand for humanely-produced food amongst consumers ultimately means changes to farming practices and real improvements to the welfare of farm animals. Since the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme started in 1996, more than 1 billion hens, pigs, chickens and turkeys have benefited from significantly better conditions on farm. On RSPCA Approved farms hens can nest, chickens can perch, turkeys can dustbathe and pigs can roam – giving them a life worth living. RSPCA Approved products are easy to find too – available in both major supermarkets, independents, butchers and on the menu in your favourite restaurant chains. Find RSPCA Approved products.

3. Support good eggs when dining out with Choose Wisely
With 40% of Australia’s eggs used in food service it’s important to support eating spots with humane food on the menu. Lucky for us more and more cafes and restaurants are offering higher welfare options and the RSPCA’s Choose Wisely directory is here to help you find them! If you know an eating spot that should be on the directory, encourage them to get on board with Choose Wisely or add them yourself as a customer suggestion. It’s free and easy for businesses to sign up and helps spread the word about ethical eating spots.

From all of us at the RSPCA, thanks for helping improve the lives of farm animals. By adding your name to our call to end battery cages, by looking for RSPCA Approved products and by supporting eating spots with humane food on the menu, you really are helping drive change for the better this World Farm Animal Day!

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  1. catherine goggin says:

    To restore the world to its former healthy state we need to put aside fast areas of land that can remain untouched. The less we need the more the natural the world can become and in becoming the animals of this world can live a free and more natural life. Nature can provide this and we can copy nature and allow it to lead the way into a more sustainable way of living. Protein is only one part of the human diet. There are many ways to remain healthy and live with this earth and not just on it.

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