Huon Aquaculture

Huon Aquaculture is the first in Australia to offer customers a range of RSPCA Approved farmed Atlantic salmon.

Huon Aquaculture was founded by Peter and Frances Bender in Tasmania in 1986 and is a company that’s committed to placing fish health and welfare at the centre of their farming operations.

On Huon’s RSPCA Approved farms there’s a focus on good fish welfare for the entire lifecycle of the fish, by providing space to swim normally in oxygen-rich water, there’s a focus on keeping fish free from injury and disease and they’re handled in a manner that avoids stress.

Currently around 98% of Huon Salmon is raised to the RSPCA’s animal welfare standards. By looking for the RSPCA Approved logo you can be assured that your salmon is coming from Huon’s RSPCA Approved farms.

For Huon they never wanted to be the biggest salmon farmers; they want to be the best. Being able to supply Australia’s only range of RSPCA Approved Salmon means that consumers that care and want the best for themselves and their families can now do that with confidence by choosing RSPCA Approved Huon Salmon.

Available nationally

Please note: During a few weeks of the year, Huon Salmon could be sourced from farms located in Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania. The RSPCA’s standards currently don’t permit farming in Macquarie Harbour and therefore these salmon products won’t be labelled as RSPCA Approved. Currently 2% of Huon Aquaculture’s total salmon production is from Macquarie Harbour. 

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