Zambrero is taking ethical eating to the next level

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a chicken burrito? If it’s ‘mm, delicious,’ then you’re not wrong. But did you know that, at the right restaurant, the burrito’s powers can actually extend beyond tastiness?

Since it was first founded in Canberra back in 2005, Zambrero has received numerous accolades for its humanitarian initiatives via Plate 4 Plate. When it comes to running an ethical business, this Mexican restaurant chain is walking the walk and talking the talk.

The fight against world hunger
Zambrero’s most well-known initiative is Plate 4 Plate. Together with hunger relief agency Stop Hunger Now, they deliver nutritious meals to people in need across Africa, Asia and the Americas. For every burrito or bowl purchased, a meal is given to someone who really needs it. To date, more than 11 million meals have been donated.

How amazing is that? (We realise this could come across as a token rhetorical question) Seriously guys, take a moment to think about what an incredible achievement this is for a growing Mexican restaurant franchise.

Supporting higher welfare farming
In very exciting news, a few months ago Zambrero made the decision to serve 100% RSPCA Approved chicken nationally. By making this switch, they’ve branched out into a whole new area of ethical eating. Customers ordering a chicken burrito (or bowl) can feel good knowing that they’re supporting higher welfare farming and the fight against world hunger. We told you the chicken burrito is good for more than just an excellent meal!

With more and more consumers caring about where their food comes from, it’s great to see an increasing number of restaurants putting humane food on the menu.

We all want to leave the world a bit better than we found it. That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking fresh, healthy Mexican company like Zambrero and hope that they inspire other businesses to think and act ethically too.



  1. This is fantastic news!! Well done to all of the team at RSPCA Australia who work so tirelessly to ensure the best welfare for these chickens.

    Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Patricia McDonald says:

    Two points: No male chickens get the chance to live because they are killed very inhumanely the day they hatch. Second, a hen should live to age sixteen, not eight weeks! I’m not sure how that, or hanging a young chicken upside-down by her feet on a conveyor belt, dragging her head through an electrocuted bath, then cutting her throat, is ‘giving a chicken a good life’, Please look up the definition of humane. You would not do any of this your dog, cat or family. Vegan options are healthier and leave the consumer with a clean conscience – go vegetarian/vegan and be genuinely ethical. Otherwise, you’re just kidding yourself.

    • Thanks for your comment Patricia – love your passion for farm animal welfare and completely respect your decision to be vegan. Just a couple of points to clarify, in the chicken meat industry both female and male chicks are raised for meat products. Sadly it’s true though that male chicks in the egg industry are killed after hatching – this is because they don’t lay eggs and aren’t suitable for chicken meat production. The industry is looking at alternatives that have the potential to avoid this and we’re hopeful that they’ll have a solution soon! Meat chickens are slaughtered at around 8 weeks whereas hens are generally kept until they’re over a year old. Over time meat chickens have been selectively bred to gain weight rapidly so raising them to be much older than 8 weeks really wouldn’t be good for their welfare. What the industry should do is start using slower growing breeds of birds.

  3. Bravo for committing to higher welfare products. Personally I can’t go past the vegetarian burrito – delicious and awesome value. Well done !

  4. I’ve been eating at Zambreros for a couple of years now. Can you update your story so people know they have plant based options. as well? The staff are really great and will offer extra rice and beans, so it’s a really filling yummo meal! Being aware of higher welfare standards is a good thing but not eating animals at all is the best.

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