Dairy Veal Calves

On the farm

When veal rearing farms participate in the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme they raise dairy calves in a higher welfare environment. These are dairy calves that otherwise would have been an unwanted by-product of the dairy industry, also known as bobby calves.

Calves on RSPCA Approved farms have space to move, play and socialise. They enjoy a quality and nutritious diet, proper bedding and access to the outdoors from weaning.

Calves have

  • Space to move, play and socialise
  • Enjoy a nutritious diet that encourages suckling and chewing behaviour
  • Can rest in comfortable bedding, with access to the outdoors once weaned
  • Aren’t castrated, dehorned or hot iron branded


RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standards are based on animal welfare science, RSPCA policy, leading farming practices in Australia and overseas and take account of the commercial realities associated with farming. Livestock industries and individual producers also provide input. The standards are reviewed every five years and are publicly available.

The RSPCA’s Standards for dairy veal calves are currently under review, please check back soon or get in touch with us for more information: approvedfarming@rspca.org.au

Information Notes - Dairy Veal Calves


What's happening

While there currently isn’t an RSPCA Approved dairy veal product in the market, the RSPCA has been talking to farmers and industry. Here's how you can help:

Contact your favourite veal brands

and let them know that animal welfare is important to you

Write to your supermarket

and let them know that you are interested in veal farmed to higher welfare standards

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