OK, so we may not be chefs, but we love food – both cooking and eating!

In addition to sharing our favourite recipes, the three of us (Hope, Lauren and I) hope to share a little bit of information about humane food along the way.

A lot of people often think the RSPCA is a vegetarian organisation but that’s not the case. Whether to eat meat or not is a personal choice and one that should be respected. All we ask is that the animals raised for food, be they layer hens, meat chickens or pigs, are treated humanely and with respect. We firmly believe that you can enjoy eating meat and eggs and still care about the animals that provide them.

Great chefs around the world like Jamie Oliver, Neil Perry and Simon Bryant agree.

So this is what All Chefs Great & Small is all about. It’s a celebration of humane food and the growing humane food movement in Australia.

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