RSPCA Approved chicken now on the menu at LeWrap

LeWrap, a favourite for fresh, made-to-order wraps, baguettes and salads, is now sourcing RSPCA Approved chicken for their menu. 

Sourcing ingredients locally and ethically is important to the folks at LeWrap. That’s why they are proud to now be sourcing chicken exclusively from farms participating in the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. This means their chicken has been raised by dedicated Australian farmers with a focus on animal welfare. Birds have been raised in an enriched environment, to higher welfare standards and assessed on farm by the RSPCA.  

Being raised on an RSPCA Approved farms means birds have: 

Perches throughout which encourages birds to be active and helps them build stronger bones and muscles in their legs and wings. 

Bright and shiny disks or chains that birds can peck at and play with for entertainment. 

Quality and dry litter covering the floor which allows birds to dustbathe (flicking dust into their feathers to keep them clean and free from bugs). 

Proper lighting that’s bright during the day to encourage activity and has a period of complete darkness at night to allow birds to rest. 

Temperature controlled so that birds aren’t cold or too hot. 

Lower stocking densities so that birds have more space to move around. 

Find out more about what it means for chickens on RSPCA Approved farms. 

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