Pots of gold

With a fear of getting hooked and wasting an hour of my life x 6 nights a week , I’ve managed to only watch one episode of this season’s Masterchef.

It featured the humble potato and a few different creative dishes using spuds, whipped up by Irish chef, Colin Fassnidge.

It’s a healthier take on a ‘gratin’ style dish – so basically potato minus the cheese and cream.

‘Where’s the fun in that’ I hear you say…well, I was thinking the same – but when I tasted this dish, I was pleasantly surprised – it was a pot of pure potato gold. The secret being  the potato soaks up the stock as it’s cooking and the butter helps caramalise.

Ingredient quantities will depend on how  many people you’re serving. Perhaps estimate 1.5 potatoes per head? I used some individual cast iron pots to cook and serve in.

Potato pots of gold

Potato (a floury variety)
Veg stock
Salt & Pepper

Peel and thinly slice potato and layer in a baking dish. Place onion, a small knob of butter and seasoning in between each layer. Press down firmly so there’s no gaps – with potato layered to the top of the dish. Pour stock into dish, about 2/3 full. Bake in oven on high for around 45 mins until golden brown. Enjoy the piping hot goodness.


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