On Australia Day, let’s focus on the hardworking heroes

Every year, Australians love to get together with friends and family and celebrate all the great things about our country.

We slop on the sunscreen, dust off the once-a-year cork hat and novelty apron, and invite friends and family ‘round for good food and a chin-wag.

Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, this Australia Day there is even more to celebrate. Why? Higher welfare products are going to feature on more barbies this weekend than ever before.

Over the last year, we’ve seen an increasing number of Australians care about how animals are raised, and what conditions are like for them on Aussie farms. They want to ensure they’re not supporting farming practices that allow for cages, sow stalls and restrict natural behaviours.

We can be proud this Australia Day because across the country more Aussies than ever before will be cracking cage-free eggs, marinating humanely-farmed chicken and serving up higher welfare pork.

So, in the spirit of embracing all things Aussie – let’s celebrate the farmers improving the lives of millions of animals across our country by farming to higher welfare standards.

Beyond the celebrity endorsements that flicker on our TV screens, there are the hardworking farmers dedicated to giving farm animals a better quality of life, making higher welfare products in ready supply.

So this Australia Day, let’s thank the Aussie farmers and Aussies, just like you, who are dedicated to supporting higher welfare eggs and meat.

Happy Australia Day to all!

Eileen Thumpkin
RSPCA Australia President

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