A trip to the friendly butcher

We’re very proud to have Australia’s top butchers selling RSPCA Approved pork and eggs in their family owned shops around Australia!

A trip to the local butcher can be a satisfying experience!  They’re trained professionals who know their meats and are  more than happy to suggest cuts or cooking ideas to capture all the flavour – plus you’ll generally pick up something you hadn’t thought of trying.

It can also be reassuring to buy a product from a person that can generally tell you the region, town or even better, the name of the farm where it’s come from.

I just read an article about a Meat & Livestock report that surveyed Australian butchers and revealed that butchers are the happiest employees in the workforce plus have great sex lives… well, they certainly seem happy –  but let’s just stick to the topic here!

As more and more customers want to know where their food comes from, there’s an increasing number of butchers selling higher welfare meats, including RSPCA Approved pork. They’re really proud to sell humanely farmed pork and put their personal guarantee to it. Many butchers will also swear that RSPCA Approved pork is more consistent in quality and tastes better.

Ian Black from Darby St Meats is the friendly butcher face of the RSPCA Approved Farming campaign and I hope you’ll see his smiling face in the window when you visit your local butcher. When looking for a poster boy, we wanted a trustworthy, authentic and credible personality and Ian definitely is that. He proudly sells RSPCA Approved Otway pork which he says is ‘sensational’!

To find your nearest butcher stocking RSPCA Approved pork, visit rspcaapproved.org.au

To visit the lovely butcher featured in the RSPCA’s campaign visit Ian Black at Darby St Quality Meats in Newcastle, NSW.

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