Woolworths slow raised rspca approved chicken roast
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Woolworths Slow Raised Chicken


As the Fresh Food people, Woolworths are committed to providing their customers with chicken farmed to higher welfare standards by sourcing from Producers who have RSPCA Approved certification. Meaning Australian consumers can easily find certified higher welfare chicken at their local Woolies by looking for the RSPCA Approved logo. 

Slow Raised is a new product on the shelf at Woolworths and uses a specialty breed of meat chicken that grows at a slower pace. This slow grown chicken comes from farms with RSPCA Approved certification that meet a higher welfare standard both indoors and outside.  

These meat chickens are fed a nutritious diet and raised without the use of antibiotics. Once old enough and with full adult feathers, the birds can leave their barns during daylight hours and access fenced outdoor range areas with adequate vegetation and shade to encourage exploring and foraging. 

Available in select stores nationally