Simmone Logue

Simmone Logue was born and raised in NSW’s Hunter Valley where a love of food and cooking was fostered by her Nanna. After moving to Sydney, she turned her passion into a profession starting her own cake business in 1990. Since then, the company has branched out into convenience food and now has a select range of soups and ready meals with RSPCA Approved chicken. 

Meat chickens on farms that have the RSPCA Approved certification, are reared to the RSPCA’s detailed animal welfare Standard and provided with enriched environments that meet their physical and behavioural needs. With over 400 requirements within the RSPCA’s Standard for meat chickens this means providing perches which promote activity and increase leg health, and providing quality, dry litter in which they can peck, scratch and dustbathe, and much more. These farms are assessed 2-4 times per year by specially trained RSPCA Assessors to make sure the RSPCA’s Standard is being met, and abattoirs are assessed annually.

Available in select Woolworths stores nationally.